Golden Retriever
8 weeks old



  • 8 weeks old
  • Female
  • Vaccinated and Dewormed
  • Vet Exam

Meet Moana, an adorable 8-week-old female Golden Retriever with a calm and gentle disposition, making her an ideal candidate for therapy and service dog work. Moana comes from a litter of Goldens whose parents are AKC registered therapy dogs, ensuring a strong lineage of temperament and capability.

Moana and her siblings are excelling in their potty training, currently using the bathroom every 4-5 hours. This diligent training will make the transition to her new home smoother. Each pup, including Moana, will come with their complete medical documentation and breed registration papers.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to call or text us at 407-750-3985.

Moana's Journey Home - Free Delivery 🚗 

Moana can be brought to your family on or later.

1. Upon purchasing, we collect your address and contact information.

2. We will email all the details and confirm if works for you or if you prefer another date.

3. Along the way, you'll receive texts on Moana's trip and estimated arrival time.

4. On the delivery date, you will receive Moana along with her registration and health documents!

FYI: Delivery is FREE if you live in Florida! Out of state friends, fear not! Moana can still be brought to you at a reasonable cost. If you live outside of Florida, please call to arrange out of state delivery.

Please call or text us at 407-750-3985 for any questions ♥

Paperwork that'll come with Moana 📋

Vaccination Documents

Moana has received her first rounds of puppy vaccines and dewormings - this paperwork will be sent along by her breeder

Health Guarantee

All EasyPup puppies are protected by a 3-Year Genetic Health Warranty which guarantees a Full Refund in the event of any genetic disease


Moana will come with her documentation of their breed and lineage

Vet Exam

Moana comes with a full vet check of her present physical health

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